Trypraying Easter 2016

May 15, 2016

This year in the run up to Easter BJHN parish joined 33 other Christian Churches in High Wycombe in the Trypraying initiative. This is a nationwide prayer initiative which started in Scotland 5 years ago with great success.

It is primarily aimed at people who do not pray. The idea is to ask them to try praying for a week and see what happens.

bus with TryPraying advertisingHowever, the preparation starts in the churches with those who do pray. On the weekend of 13th March all of our parishioners were given a little prayer booklet containing prayers for each day of that week. The idea of the booklet was to “use it and lose it” – use it ourselves for a week and prayerfully consider who to give it to the following week. On the weekend of 20th March we were asked to give the booklet to a friend or relative who doesn’t normally pray but who would be open to try it.

A kind donor from another church gave us some money for bus advertising and, with the Trypraying banners up at the churches and the adverts on the buses, it was a good reminder to everyone to pray.

As St Michael’s School was busy in the run-up to Easter they did their 2 weeks’ Trypraying when they went back to school after the Easter break. This had the advantage that they could borrow one of our parish banners and have some of the booklets left over from the churches.

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