OLG Saturday 5pm Vigil Rotas

DateWelcomeEucharistic MinistersReadersChildren's Liturgy
Saturday Oct 26 2019Angela and TeresaMonica Pratley, William PratleyPat Koning
Saturday Nov 2 2019Angela and MaryKatherine Keep, David HawkinsMonica Pratley
Saturday Nov 9 2019Angela and TeresaMaria Shaffer, Moira BinnsJacque Hamilton
Saturday Nov 16 2019Angela and MaryNympha Stanikowski, Rosie AkehurstDee Harvey
Saturday Nov 23 2019Angela and TeresaMonica Pratley, Maria ShafferWilliam Pratley
Saturday Nov 30 2019Angela and MaryMaria Shaffer, Moira BinnsPat Koning

St Wulstan Sunday 9am Mass Rotas

DateSundayWelcomersReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren's Liturgy
Sunday, October 27, 201930th Sunday of the Year CPat BottMaureen Mooney, Janeska D'SouzaMary Bull, Augusta Dean, Teresa Williams
Sunday, November 3, 201931st Sunday of the Year CAnn Bennett, Chrissie WebbMary Bull, Isabelle McLoughlinBarbera Wiggins, Ann Osborne, David Priestley
Sunday, November 10, 201932nd Sunday of the Year CBoo & Eugene RussellJosie Williams, Kim DaveyElizabeth Dinnage, John Wiggins, Barbera McDonnel
Sunday, November 17, 201933rd Sunday of the Year CMartin Boniszewski, Janet BoothmanBish Bonisjewski, David PriestleyAugusta Dean, Teresa Williams, Mary Bull
Sunday, November 24, 2019Christ the KingMaureen MooneyChucks Alichukwu, Janeska D'SouzaJohn Wiggins, Barbera Wiggins, Ann Osborne
Sunday, December 1, 20191st Sunday of Advent Year ARuth FruJanet Boothman, Alicja BonisjewskaElizabeth Dinnage, David Priestley, Barbera McDonnel
Sunday, December 8, 20192nd Sunday of Advent Year APat BottRose Alichukwy, Brenda D'SouzaAugusta Dean, Teresa Williams, Ann Osbourne
Sunday, December 15, 20193rd Sunday of Advent Year AAnn Bennett, Chrissie WebbLeo & Veronica ZindondaJohn Wiggins, Barbera Wiggins, Elizabeth Dinnage
Sunday, December 22, 20194th Sunday of Advent Year AMartin Boniszewski, Janet BoothmanJosie Williams, Tom SolesburyAnn Osborne, Mary Bull, Barbera McDonnell
Sunday, December 29, 2019Holy FamilyMaureen MooneyJohn Boothman, Chucks AlichukwuElizabeth Dinnage, David Priestley, Teresa Williams

OLG Sunday 11am Mass Rotas

Readers please note:

  • First Reader to read first reading and responsorial psalm and second reader to read second reading and bidding prayers.
  • Please refer to Readers' guidance
  • Eucharistic Ministers please note:

  • If Deacon Paul is at Mass, the third Minister will not be required
  • DateSundayReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren’s liturgyTea/Coffee
    Sunday, October 27, 201930th Sunday Cycle CLuca, SarahMaria, Penny, PatJudith, CaroleKathy/Dave

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