OLG Saturday 5pm Vigil Rotas

DateWelcomeEucharistic MinistersReadersChildren's Liturgy
Saturday Feb 1 2020Presentation of the LordPeter / TubatsiMonica / Michael
Saturday Feb 8 20205th Sunday of the year Cycle AMaria / MonicaTony / Nympha
Saturday Feb 15 20206th Sunday of the year Cycle AKatherine / DavidWilliam / Neo
Saturday Feb 22 20207th Sunday of the year Cycle AAnneline / DeeMichael / Tony

St Wulstan Sunday 9am Mass Rotas

DateSundayWelcomersReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren's Liturgy

OLG Sunday 11am Mass Rotas

Readers please note:

  • First Reader to read first reading and responsorial psalm and second reader to read second reading and bidding prayers.
  • Please refer to Readers' guidance
  • Eucharistic Ministers please note:

  • If Deacon Paul is at Mass, the third Minister will not be required
  • DateSundayReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren’s liturgyTea/Coffee
    Sunday, February 2, 2020Presentation of the LordAlek, DavidMaryse, Marian, MaryClaire, CaroleAnne
    Sunday, February 9, 20205th Sunday Cycle AFrancis, SarahPenny, Maria, MaryseJudith, ShaneClaire
    Sunday, February 16, 20206th Sunday Cycle AVeronica, MaryPat, Penny, MaryseJudith KathrynMarian
    Sunday, February 23, 20207th Sunday Cycle ADavid, MaryseMarian, Maria, MaryClaire, ShaneBridget / Jody / Mike

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