OLG Saturday 5pm Vigil Rotas

DateWelcomeEucharistic MinistersReadersChildren's Liturgy
Sunday Apr 5 2020Palm SundayDee / DavidJacque / Tony
Sunday Apr 12 2020Easter DayTBCTBC
Sunday Apr 19 20202nd Sunday of EasterMaria / MoiraRosie / Nympha
Sunday Apr 26 20203rd Sunday of EasterRosie / NymphaTony / Monica
Sunday May 3 20204th Sunday of EasterAnneline / TubastiLuca / Dee
Sunday May 10 20205th Sunday of EasterKatherine / DeeThea / Jacque
Sunday May 17 20206th Sunday of EasterMaria/ MoiraRosie / William
Sunday May 24 2020AscensionMonica / WilliamMichael / Tony
Sunday May 31 2020Pentecost SundayRosie / NymphaJacque / Monica
Sunday Jun 7 2020Holy TrinityAnneline / TubastiNeo / Rosie
Sunday Jun 14 2020Corpus ChristiPeter / DeeNympha / Tony
Sunday Jun 21 202012th Sunday in Ordinary timeKatherine / DavidMichael / Jacque
Sunday Jun 28 202013th Sunday in Ordinary timeMoira / MariaThea / William
Sunday Jul 5 202014th Sunday in Ordinary timeRosie / NymphaLuca / Dee

St Wulstan Sunday 9am Mass Rotas

DateSundayWelcomersReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren's Liturgy

OLG Sunday 11am Mass Rotas

Readers please note:

  • First Reader to read first reading and responsorial psalm and second reader to read second reading and bidding prayers.
  • Please refer to Readers' guidance
  • Eucharistic Ministers please note:

  • If Deacon Paul is at Mass, the third Minister will not be required
  • DateSundayReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren’s liturgyTea/Coffee
    Sunday, April 5, 2020Palm SundayAlek, MaryPenny, MarianClaire, KathrynClaire
    Sunday, April 12, 2020Easter SundaySarah, MaryseMaryse, MariaMaria
    Sunday, April 19, 20202nd Sunday of EasterAlek, DavidMary, Maryse Mary, MusaAnne
    Sunday, April 26, 20203rd Sunday of EasterVeronica, SarahMaria, Marian Claire, ShaneClaire
    Sunday, May 3, 20204th Sunday of EasterJoshua, FrancisMary, Maryse Claire, KathrynMarian
    Sunday, May 10, 20205th Sunday of EasterSarah, DavidMaria, Marian Claire, JyothiBridget / Jody / Mike
    Sunday, May 17, 20206th Sunday of EasterMary, MarysePenny, MaryseJudith, MusaClaire
    Sunday, May 24, 20207th Sunday of EasterAlek, DavidJudith, MariaMary, ShaneMaria
    Sunday, May 31, 2020PentecostVeronica, MaryseMary, Maryse Claire, KathrynAnne
    Sunday, June 7, 2020Holy Trinity SundayJoshua, SarahJudith, MarianClaire, MusaKathy/Dave
    Sunday, June 14, 2020Holy Body and BloodAlex, FrancisMary, PennyClaire, JyothiMarian
    Sunday, June 21, 202012th Sunday Cycle AJoshua, MaryMaria, Marian Judith, ShaneBridget / Jody / Mike
    Sunday, June 28, 2020Saints Peter and Paul Cycle AVeronica, DavidPenny, MaryseMary, JyothiClaire

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