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  1. I would like to propose the addition of useful web links to the Universal Church beyond our shores. I find these very informative:-

    ZENIT “The World Seen From Rome.”

    Mercator An Australian news website that promotes human dignity and “delights in dissecting media cliches”.

    Flocknote A site that provides daily information on subjects such as “Catechism in a Year”, “Popes in a Year” and “Daily Works of Mercy”

    Web sites from our own country should include:-
    Connections to our Northampton Diocese website and to
    Westminster Cathedral
    and also to:-

    Catholic Voices Catholic Voices is a project which began in the UK to improve the Church’s representation in the media, above all in news programs and debates. It started in 2010 with the six-month training of 24 lay people and a priest in preparation for the UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Its web site is really interesting on UK matters.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you for our web site it is a VERY GOOD EFFORT!

    My comments are as follows:-
    My initial impact was there is just too much going on – keep it simple.
    Use a single image/logo for the church as unfortunately the collage of images doesn’t work.
    Page 1 -ie – Welcome Church: Welcome times: prayers for the day :
    Newsletter & our Patron
    Page 2 – Notices : Latest News: next event:
    Page 3 – Prayer page
    Calendar of Masses – needs to be put in a grid & well spaced out for clarity
    ~ it might be better to put the Polish community Link Under the calendar
    ~ followed by the Forthcoming Rotas
    ~ Holy days of Obligation
    ~ Photos
    ~ Rotas are excellent (the Polish Link very good – they have a good Image!!
    PRAYER PAGE – Keep our parish prayer & Join a prayer group, side by side
    but put Request for Prayers under the ‘prayers for different occasions’.
    Lots of information – that’s great.

    Too many images – but great

    News & events – do we need more than a Link to the Newsletters?
    It is very busy.

    Excellent – perfect layout & accessibility
    CONTACTS – GREAT (all except the mugg shots !)
    If no one every speaks to me again – I will understand !!


  3. You are extremely difficult to find. Google’s response to the contact page in the newsletter is “no result” Google has the same answer to http;// and bjnparish. Google comes up with many sites for Blessed John Henry Newman parish, High Wycombe as it does for St. Wulstan’s church, High Wycombe but none of them ours. I have even tried a general site for churches in High Wycombe and we are not listed at all. Their is no mention of us on the St. Augustine’s website and Google only mentions St. Augustine’s facebook page. The only way of reaching you is through the Diocesan site and even there one has to hunt around a bit as it is not under BJHN. This is not an exhaustive list of my efforts to find our beloved parish as I have tried many other ways of finding us. It might be worth asking parishioners how they did find us!

  4. A great website but the only advice I’d give would be to reduce the amount on the frontpage. All useful information, but perhaps a little too much in one go.

  5. Great work on our new Parish Website with its modern look and feel.
    Thanks to the donors, developers and Communications team that made this possible.

    One suggestion is to have the readings for the coming Sunday Mass published to help those without Sunday Missals to prepare for Mass.
    There are many sources. Universalis is one.

    I see some of the forms we uses are on the Sacraments part:

    Can the Baptism Form be included?

    With all these forms, an important consideration is also any conversations and meetings prior to sacramental preparation.

    Thanks for your work on this.

    Your servant in Jesus Christ,


  6. I think the new website is very good. Thank You.

    There are lots of lovely prayers on the prayer pages.

    There is a website called ‘Sacred Space’ which is run by the Irish Jesuits and which offers a daily structure for prayer which I have found very helpful. I wonder whether it might be useful to mention on our website?

    People may also like information on inspiring videos to watch and it may be useful to mention some of these such as those by Fr Tom Keating or Dr James Finley. Great for giving a deep perspective in an accessible way.

  7. I went to my second Mass at Our Lady of Grace today and felt very uplifted and heartened by the music and prayers. The only thing which lets it down is the sound system. Sitting in the back row or near the back it is very difficult to hear the announcements, prayers, readings and homily. Pretty important parts of the Mass really! Generally though it is a very warm and friendly parish and I will definitely visit again (even though I am in the choir at another Church!!). Thank you.

    • Thank you for visiting our website and your kind comments, we are glad you have found our parish so warm and welcoming.

      We are aware of the problems with the sound system at Our Lady of Grace and we are working to replace it.

      We hope to see you again soon.

  8. At the last count I made, there were more than 150 prayers and rising. I look forward to recommendations from others regarding new prayers to be posted, especially prayers suitable for liturgical seasons and occasions.

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