Uganda Orphans Bega kwa Bega


Contact: Camilla Broadbent (UK Coordinator) - 020 8743 0655 Kathy Russell - 07956 221 954

Membership Criteria: Open to all. Executive fund-raising committee members elected annually at the AGM, open to anyone that wishes to support these activities.

Meetings Time & Location: Committee meetings in Wendover four times per year; AGM in May, alternating between High Wycombe and Wendover.

Purpose of Group: A charity seeking funding to improve the living conditions of villagers in Uganda, in particular orphans and vulnerable children and those who care for them.

Activities of Group: Sponsorship of education for a named child; regular fund-raising events.

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Uganda Orphans Bega kwa Bega: Registered UK Charity No. 1100378

The Charity seeks funding to improve the living conditions of villagers in Uganda, in particular orphans and vulnerable children and those who care for them. Self-sufficiency is fundamental to the work of the BkB Management team in Uganda.

Through the BkB Management team, we provide clean readily-available Water, a Mobile Clinic, Education Sponsorship, Protection of property rights, coaching in Income Generation and Business Management, and training in Agriculture and Nutrition.

Sponsorship and Fund Raising

Many people already support the charity through annual sponsorship of education for a named child, and BkB is urgently seeking additional sponsors. £96 sends a child to Nursery School for a year. This sum will also pay for uniform, school equipment and lunches when a child moves on to primary and secondary schooling which is, in principle, ‘free’.

BkB sponsors an average of 135 children every year. The majority of these children have an individual sponsor from either the UK or the United States.

Annual fund-raising events are open to anyone, and include the following: BkB AGM in May, BkB Annual Quiz – first Friday in November, at Our Lady of Grace; Theatre in the Villages, usually held in the Autumn, in Wendover, and in December there are Christmas celebrations in Wendover. These are publicised in the Parish Newsletter and the Parish Calendar.


Anyone can become involved in sponsorship or fund-raising.

The executive fund-raising committee for Bega kwa Bega is open to anyone that wishes to support these activities. The committee members are elected annually at the AGM in May.

Projects of Group

A number of individuals have sponsored Protected Springs, which enclose a water source preventing it becoming contaminated by animals, people or the environment. (BkB has built 130 Protected Springs to date)

Would you like to remember someone with a named Spring?  These cost £600.

More example projects are shown on the BkB web site and Facebook pages, which include sponsored walks, sponsored skydiving, quilt-making etc…

Bega kwa Bega has been able to secure a number of large, one-off corporate donations, for example, the Laing Trust donated £10,500 to enable the Mobile Clinic to cover the costs of one visit per week for the Mobile Health Clinic for a year.

Another great example is the Vibrant Village Foundation, in Oregon, which recently agreed to fund up to $107,918 (about £75,000) for major BkB projects over a two year period through to July 31st 2017!

The VVF grant allows Bega kwa Bega to drill 4 deep boreholes for domestic and agricultural use; establish 4 community demo gardens, provide training in organic farming techniques, soil conservation, water management, diversified diets and nutrition. In addition, training in business management skills; provide basic healthcare service via Bega Kwa Bega’s mobile clinic; and provide business inputs and materials to 40 small business owners in Wagaba, Namagera, Kamuli, and Kabagezi villages.

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