OLG Saturday 5pm Vigil Rotas

DateWelcomeEucharistic MinistersReadersChildren's Liturgy
Saturday Jun 24 2017Teresa and Pat KNympha Stanikowski, Des RyanPat Koning
Saturday Jul 1 2017Mary and JacqueMaria Shaffer, Moira BinnsDes Ryan
Saturday Jul 8 2017Caroline and AngelaRosie Akehurst, Peter PalinJacque and Katie
Saturday Jul 15 2017Teresa and Pat KKatherine Keep, Dee HarbeyMichael Binns
Saturday Jul 22 2017Mary and JacqueMonica Pratley, William PratleyMichael O Donohue
Saturday Jul 29 2017Caroline and AngelaNympha Stanikowski, Des RyanMonica Pratley
Saturday Aug 5 2017Teresa and Pat KMaria Shaffer, Moira BinnsWilliam Pratley
Saturday Aug 12 2017Mary and JacquePeter Palin, David HawkinsRosie Akehurst
Saturday Aug 19 2017Caroline and AngelaKatherine Keep, Des RyanDee Harvey
Saturday Aug 26 2017Teresa and Pat KMonica Pratley, William PratleyPat Koning
Saturday Sep 2 2017Mary and JacqueNympha Stanikowski, Dee HarveyDes Ryan
Saturday Sep 9 2017Caroline and AngelaMaria Shaffer, Moira BinnsJacque and Katie
Saturday Sep 16 2017Teresa and Pat KRosie Akehurst, Peter PalinMichael Binns

St Wulstan Sunday 9am Mass Rotas

DateSundayWelcomersReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren's Liturgy
Saturday December 24 Christmas MidnightJanet and John BoothmanBrenda & Janeska D'SouzaJohn Wiggins, Barbara Wiggins,
Sunday June 25 12th Sunday of the Year AAnn Bennett, Chrissie WebbMaureenMooney, Brenda D'SouzaAnn Osborne, John Osborne, David Priestley

OLG Sunday 11am Mass Rotas

Readers please note:

  • First Reader to read first reading and responsorial psalm and second reader to read second reading and bidding prayers.
  • Please refer to Readers' guidance
  • Eucharistic Ministers please note:

  • If Deacon Paul is at Mass, the third Minister will not be required
  • DateSundayReadersEucharistic MinistersChildren’s liturgyTea/Coffee
    Sunday December 25 Christmas DayKathy, FrancisMary, MaryseNoneNone

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